Thank you for your interest in joining All Nations Network (ANN)! We are thrilled at the possibility of having your church become a part of our All Nations Network family! Below you will find information about the application process as well as what our requirements for consideration are.


  • Monthly Video Development lead by our Global Senior Pastor, Dr. Matthew Stevenson, III
  • Online access to member only resources
  • Exclusive access to member only events
  • Early access to conference registration and preferred seating
  • Training programs for the lead pastor and their teams
  • Accountability through peer relationship and apostolic oversight
  • Credibility from association with the All Nations Impact (Movement)
  • Digital Newsletter
  • Discretional Crisis Support
    • Assistance with leadership transitions and succession
    • Coaching
    • Interim Leadership Assistance
    • Lifestyle Remediation
  • Use of the All Nations Network logo on website
  • Ministry displayed on the Online Network Directory


If my church is under 1yr, can I still join the network?

We do consider churches under 1 yr. on a case by case situation. If your church is under

1yr old you can still apply and we will consider your application to decide if we will move

you forward in the process.

If the church is more than a year, but the pastor is not one full year in the role, can we still join?

If the Senior Pastor’s tenure with that church is less than 1 year, they can still apply for


What are the details of the 6-month probationary period?

The 6-month Probationary Period is what we would call a time of assessment. During

that time a site visit with network administration must be arranged by host pastor. We

also ask that the Senior Pastor commits to attending one of our mandatory events

during the probationary period.

Are the site visits scheduled or are they a surprise?

All Site Visits are scheduled with the host Pastor.

Is this network strictly for covering or can I join for camaraderie or mentorship?

The affiliation relationship with ANN is spiritual covering and accountability.

Do I have to tithe to the network?

Tithing to the network is not a financial obligation however, it is welcomed and


What are the international standards of being a part of the network?

International Standards are consistent with national standards. Standards remain the

same across the board.

Can I join the network if I have a parachurch ministry or as an individual?

The network strictly serves Senior/Lead Pastors and their Churches. We do not serve

para-church ministries.

How thorough should my organizational chart be?

We ask that your organizational chart list the current leadership structure of your

church with the names of the persons holding the positions and the positions that are

still vacant.

Does any deficiency in organizational chart, articles of incorporation disqualify me from being a part of the Network?

You will not be automatically disqualified. We will thoroughly evaluate the submitted

documents. We will work with you to get any additional information to qualify you to

move forward in the process.

If I am apart of denomination, can I join?

If you have any legal obligation to any particular denomination or ministry organization

that serves as oversight or accountability could disqualify you from joining.

What if I have a spiritual covering, can I still join?

All Nations Network serves as primary spiritual covering for all affiliates and their

churches. We’d rather you not be under direct spiritual covering before affiliation with

our network.

What if I am not approved to be a part of the network, is there a grace period to reapply?

We encourage most applicants that were denied to re-apply in 1 year. We will usually

provide explanation of most denials which could give the applicant perspective and

some objectives to work towards.

If I am planning to begin my own network of churches can I still join?

Yes, you can still join if you have an established network. Our service is strictly to the

affiliated Pastor and their church, not the churches they lead.

Would Apostle Stevenson come and preach at my church annually if I am a part of the network?

It is not guaranteed or included with affiliation for Dr. Stevenson to minister annually at

your church. All pouring, and resources will come through what’s provided and offered

by All Nations Network. All of Dr. Stevenson’s ministry engagements are handled

through, Matthew Stevenson Worldwide.

If I am in need of mentorship, does this network offer tools to help me and my teams grow in vital areas?

This is provided as a general benefit as well as upon request. We aim to serve all of our

affiliates with a goal for each of them to prosper in their greatest potential.


ANN is open to Senior/Lead Pastors and their Churches that are seeking 
covering, community, and apostolic leadership.


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